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Author. Teacher. Psychotherapist.

Christy is an author, teacher and psychotherapist. A mother of 4, fierce dreamer and passionate about advocating for women.

Christy received her Bachelors degree in Communication at Texas A&M in 2002 and then her Masters in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary in 2007. She published the book Unearth in 2008, and A Brave Lament in 2018. She is certified in Medical Family Therapy and Trauma and Abuse. She is currently earning her doctorate at Seattle Pacific University and is researching Shame and Sexuality in Women.

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Knowing God Through the Body of a Woman

11-part video course by Dr. Christy Bauman

“Theology of the Womb Video Course is filled with a wealth of wisdom for women. Christy offers her journey with her own body in a powerful invitation for us to find the presence of God in our own bodies. This course will nurture you, challenge you, and teach you to listen for the sacred inside your own soul.”

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