The Womaneering Podcast is a conversation pioneering Christian womanhood. Dr. Christy Vidrine Bauman, founder of Womaneering and Tracy Johnson, founder of Red Tent Living are your hosts. Each 25 minute episode will offer you deep stories of women who have continued to womaneer the world of Christianity and faith.

Womaneering is the act of de-colonizing Christian womanhood. To learn more, check out Christy’s work at If you are interested in having your story shared and discussed by Christy and Tracy, please email your question or story (please no more than 600 words) to

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Welcome to our first episode, where Dr. Christy Bauman and Tracy Johnson recorded an exciting conversation (by mistake) about de-feminization in the church and it became their first episode to launch the Womaneering Podcast. The conversation begins with Tracy accidentally saying the word “labia” and the women engage in a difficult conversation of women’s struggle to bring their female, and often objectified, bodies to take a seat at the table in the Western church. Join us for the conversation on the Womaneering Podcast and follow us on IG at womaneering_

EPISODE 2 - womaneering Embodiment

Dr. Christy Bauman and Tracy Johnson continue the conversation about pioneering Christian womanhood. Christy shares a story of her journey of sexuality through the purity movement of the Western church culture and what it has cost her in her sexual health and her marriage. Tracy and Christy unpack the understanding of embodiment and women’s sexual health as it pertains to Christianity. Join us for the conversation on the Womaneering Podcast and follow us on IG at womaneering_

EPISODE 3 - womaneering Decolonization of Sexuality

#3 Womaneering Sexuality

Trigger Warning: this episode contains explicit stories of sexuality and rape. Please join Tracy Johnson and Dr. Christy Bauman for conversation around women’s sexuality within Christianity.    More information at

EPISODE 4 - womaneering the Sexually Healthy Man 

Episode #4 – Womaneering Sexual Health

This episode is a conversation between Tracy, Christy, and Andrew Bauman, a therapist, and author of The Sexually Healthy Man. It contains sexually explicit content about Christian men and women and how they engage in pornography, sexual addiction, and asexuality. For more information check out

EPISODE 5 - womaneering Holy Week

#5 Womaneering Holy Week
As we begin holy week, this conversation in womaneering podcast couldn’t have come at a better time. Tracy and I navigate what it means as women to live fully into our bodies through holy week. The theme of our conversation is around what is required for a woman to birth death and to be a doula in the life/death/life cycle. Join us please as we help you spiritually prepare to know Jesus in His crucifixion and resurrection through the body of a woman. Podcast can be found on all major podcast venues or at

EPISODE 6 - womaneering Belonging

In this episode of womaneering Belonging, Tracy and Christy share their own individual stories and desires with longing to belong. Within friendships and sisterhoods, the desire to belong is both tender and brave. Christy shares a vulnerable story about how she came to deep sisterhood through shared grief and loss. Listen here or follow us on IG at womaneering_ for more information. #womaneering

EPISODE 7 - womaneering The Red Tent

In womaneering the Red Tent, Tracy Johnson, from Red Tent Living shares her vulnerable desire to join with other women is not just a meal, but a sisterhood. Tracy and Christy converse about the gains and losses that happen when women risk being in a relationship in hopes of building a sisterhood. The Red Tent by Anita Diamante and Christy Bauman’s book, Theology of the Womb is the precipice for this conversation about womaneering the Red Tent. Join us for the conversation at, please follow us on Instagram @womaneering_ or leave a review on our podcast. You can also find more information at or on IG @redtentliving or FB.

EPISODE 8 - womaneering The Table

EPISODE 9 - womaneering Generous Orthodoxy

EPISODE 10 - womaneering Your Story