The Womaneering Podcast is a conversation pioneering Christian womanhood. Dr. Christy Vidrine Bauman, founder of Womaneering and Tracy Johnson, founder of Red Tent Living are your hosts. Each 25 minute episode will offer you deep stories of women who have continued to womaneer the world of Christianity and faith. 

Womaneering is the act of de-colonizing Christian womanhood. To learn more, check out Christy’s work at If you are interested in having your story shared and discussed by Christy and Tracy, please email your question or story (please no more than 600 words) to


10 episodes – COMING SOON

EPISODE 1 - womaneering Belonging

EPISODE 2 - womaneering The Table

EPISODE 3 - womaneering Theology

EPISODE 4 - womaneering De-Colonization

EPISODE 5 - womaneering Story

EPISODE 6 - womaneering Generous Orthodoxy

EPISODE 7 - womaneering The Red Tent

EPISODE 8 - womaneering Embodiment

EPISODE 9 - womaneering The Sexually Healthy Man

EPISODE 10 - womaneering A Jailbreak