What Is CONSULTING Versus Therapy?

One of the therapeutic services I offer in addition to traditional therapy is Meaning-Making Consulting: I provide facilitation and coaching as you process your life story and its impact on your inner world. These consulting sessions are 50- minute phone conversations to help you gain momentum in your healing journey. The number of sessions will depend upon my availability and your specific needs. This is different than therapy due to ethical criteria with my mental health licenses. I will not be considered your therapist nor will I offer diagnosis or insurance for these sessions.


  1. You have done significant story work in the past or are currently doing so.
  2. You are familiar with my approach; you have read my books, gone through my online book course, or have watched my film and/ read my blog, etc.
  3. A local support network. This work can be emotionally disrupting, so it is crucial to have local support whether that is a therapist or a strong community that can help you navigate things that come up on our work together.

Fee: $150 per session

Please contact me if you are interested.