Womaneering Weekend

If you want to be a part of story work with a group of other women, this in-person weekend is perfect for you. If you have always longed for a tribe and a sisterhood, now is the time. A minimum of 6 women are invited to gather with Christy for a weekend of story work. You will be going through Christy’s book Theology of the Womb video course prior to the weekend. When you arrive you will be sharing stories, participating in marking ceremonies and speaking into the lives of a group of women hungry to learn who God created them to be. Womaneering Story Weekends are only offered twice a year/Spring and Fall and includes:

(5-7 women maximum) – $2,200-$2,600/per woman/ 12 sessions total/ 3 days.

This year our weekend is offered in Brevard, NC, and Whidbey Island, WA. 

These prices do not include flights or room and board. This life-changing weekend includes:

  • 90-minute virtual group meeting with all the women prior to the weekend
  • Pre-work assignments including The Theology of the Womb Online Course
  • 12 hours of group sessions with Dr. Christy Bauman over the weekend
  • Massage and Trauma Body Work (optional – available at Seattle sites) 
  • Marking Rituals and Integrative Bodywork Ceremonies
  • Special pricing on leading your own womaneering groups and consultation

Interested in learning more? Email info@christiancc.org