Personalized Womaneering Embodiment Weekends – Asheville / Whidbey Island / Belize

Personalized Womaneering Weekends


Common Weekends Might Include:

  • Small Groups of Women Building Community and Friendship
  • Marking a Significant Season in One’s Life – (Birthday, Anniversary, Ending Chemo, Menstrual Cycle – beginning or ending)
  • Mother-Daughters Marking – (Coming of Age, Engagement, Divorce)
  • Mother-Son Marking Weekend – (Coming of Age, Celebration, Loss)

If you’re a woman looking to grow in your own story and in a relationship with those in your life, longing to do the same, the Womaneering Weekends are for you. If you already have a community of women it must be a minimum of 4 (small group, college friends, girlfriends) that you want to grow deeper in your faith with and in sisterhood, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you are marking an event with your sons or daughters, Christy works to fashion intentional marking events around whatever is the purpose of the trip. 

Dr. Christy Bauman specializes in women’s well-being and can curate a Womaneering weekend for your sisterhood to grow closer.

Maybe you want to celebrate someone turning a year older, ending a significant season in their lives, empty nesting, or you simply want to grow deeper in your relationships with your loved ones. In taking a deep dive to explore how your story is shaping your intimate relationships, the Womaneering weekend allows you to do that within your community.

There are multiple locations Christy offers this weekend in places such as Asheville, NC, Belize, Central America, and Whidbey Island, WA in the Pacific Northwest but Christy is willing to come to wherever you are if it is easier to have her in your city or a private retreat center near your community. 

Personal Womaneering Embodiment Weekend (in person only, minimum of 2 people) – prices vary depending on location and amount of people, $500-$1500/per human/ 12 sessions total/ 3 days price varies depending on location. 

These prices do not include flights or room and board. This life-changing weekend includes:

  • 90-minute virtual group meeting with all participants prior to the weekend
  • Pre-work assignments 
  • 12 hours of group sessions with Dr. Christy Bauman over the weekend
  • Experiential Visualization and Trauma Body Work (optional) 
  • Marking Rituals and Embodiment Ceremonies
  • Special pricing on leading your own Womaneering groups and consultation (Consulting Fee) 

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