Womaneering Supervision and Guide Training for Therapist and Spiritual Leaders

If you’re looking to develop your professional expertise and leading women’s story groups and go deeper into your own voice and leadership, the Womaneering Guide Training Certificate will be a great fit. This training will equip you with the resources and experiences needed to help guide others to connect the dots between their story, their glory, and voice in this world. If you are a lay counselor this will further your work in the church and with your congregation. If you are a therapist, you can receive supervision and guidance with story group work and women’s sexual and spiritual trauma. Additionally, upon successful completion of the training, we’ll add you to a directory of other leaders, pastors, and therapists who are using Womaneering and Christian Counseling Center for Sexual Health and Trauma training in their practices.

What’s Included:

  • Six weeks (twelve total hours) of group consulting led by Dr. Christy Bauman or a licensed supervisor on Christy’s team by phone
  • Co-lead online or in-person 6-week or womaneering weekend story group with Dr. Bauman
  • Two 50-minute story consultations with your trainer
  • The Theology of the Womb Online Course Videos (link) 
  • The Womaneering Digital Workbook including all exercises to take clients and groups through their own womaneering work 
  • VIP access to future coaching consultations with Dr. Christy Bauman 

Contact: info@christiancc.org